About Me

Bonjour...Hello, my name is Kerri ... I daydream of north east France (Alcase, Colmar, and Strasbourg.) French villages & cottages where my heart belongs. I love Paris decor & French Provincial furniture. I collect French vintage logos & advertisements. 

Artisanbella is my online gift shoppe where I sell French vintage signs, Paintings & ornaments. French accessories & adornments. Paintings of gowns, corsets, stiletto pumps, pink roses, cute canines, adorable animals, ballerinas, etc... All things pretty & girlie! 

I'm a Catholic girl, born and raised in south Florida. I live in Palm Beach, FL and I absolutely love it here!

I love God more than anything in life, and I am grateful to Him for everything I have in life!

Proceeds from my shop are donated to United Way of Palm Beach County.